Published: 11/02/2021

Read time: 4 Minutes

How To Set Up Your Practice Details Page

In this video you will be shown how to correctly set up and fill out your practice details page. This page is an important part of your initial set up and will contain information such as your location, logo, opening times etc…. This information will then be used on the automated messages that DenGro sends by email and SMS to your leads so it’s important it’s accurate and kept up to date.

“The practice details page is one of the most important pages you need to set up when you create your DenGro licence.
To find the practice details page you will require a manager’s role within DenGro to have access. Hover over the cog icon at the top of the page and select Practice Details on the drop down menu. Your practice name and location will show. This will then pull through your google map so make sure you double check that all the information is correct. Enter your practice contact information, email, telephone number and website. Please use an email address that is monitored as it will be included in the automated messages DenGro sends and leads can reply to it. Your opening hours will be pulled through from your Google Business listing so do check these are current and edit as required. Now add the relevant social media channels as again this will be included in the automated messages DenGro sends and can help engage your leads. The email signature can be set automatically to your practice name or if you wish it can be personalised. SMS name, controls what name will show up on the text messages that are sent to your leads. By default it is set to Dentist but you can customise it if you wish to but note that it does have a character limit of 11 characters. Setting brand colours helps make sure that the emails we send are branded to match your practice. Click on one of the circles and you can find the colour that matches your practice colours or if you know the specific HEX code it will find it for you. Banners can be useful with promotions or slogans that you want to make sure your leads see. This can be enabled or disable as needed. The GDPR section provides 2 options when it comes to consent with contacting the lead. ‘Legitimate Interest’ will send messages to your lead as this consent is implied ‘consent’ will require that they give permission to the practice to receive any type of text messages or emails. Upload your practice logo with a PNG or JPEG file. The ideal size for this image is 246 width x146 height pixels, so you may need to resize before uploading it to DenGro. Lead Automation Preferences customises what messages are sent to your leads on behalf of your practice. Toggle on and off as needed. The next section allows you to customise what sources and channels that you wish DenGro to collect when a lead hears about your practice. We have plenty of default options you can choose from but you may wish to add some more in. You can do this through the ‘Attribution sources’ section. Type the name of the source and select the channel type then click create. If you have the Facebook store location feature within your lead gen forms you can insert your ‘Store ID’ here. And the very last section allows you to integrate your Slack channel so it can be notified every time a lead arrives. Remember to click the ‘save’ button when you’ve filled this in for the first time as well as anytime you change any of the settings and fields on this page. Once you’ve clicked save, a notification will pop up in the top right hand corner to confirm that those changes have been saved.”