Collect leads automatically

DenGro pulls leads from your website, paid ads on Google, Bing. Yahoo, landing pages, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, your chatbot… no more sifting through multiple inboxes – you’ll never miss or lose a lead again.

An image to show how the DenGro Today page helps front of house teams manage their leads

Organise leads automatically

Our CRM solution can ensure your leads are collated on your ‘Today’ dashboard, ready for the team to make contact, follow-up and convert.

This is an image of the Lead Profile page on DenGro Dental CRM

Know when you have a new lead instantly

Real-time email or even Slack notifications let you know when a new lead has arrived so you can get in touch immediately.

An image of the DenGro today page highlighting how you manage your leads

DenGro is also your virtual PA

Smart follow-up reminders help you understand who needs contacting, when and how. Assign tasks to team members who are best suited to help that lead.

An image of the DenGro today page highlighting how you manage your leads

Automated pre-written nurture messages

DenGro’s practice branded, treatment specific email and SMS messages are designed to nurture and convert your leads saving your team hours of time.

Informed and informative conversations

Anyone in the practice can pick up a conversation where it left off so the lead feels valued, listened to and understood.

An image of the DenGro lead profile page showing the information captured for each lead.

Set your treatment and prices

DenGro now has over 200 dental treatments covered and have now extended it to cover facial aesthetics and beauty.

An image showing how you can manage treatments in the DenGro CRM

Quick, easy and even fun!

Built with the front-of-house, lead coordinator and TCO in mind, DenGro has been designed and built to be intuitive and easy to use.