PMS Integrations

DenGro CRM integrates with several PMS (with several more in the pipeline) by syncing patient and appointment data seamlessly between the 2 systems. For your team this means no more manual data entry or updates, reducing the chance for costly human error. For you it means greater practice efficiency and over the course of a year, thousands of working hours that the team can spend on more valuable activities. Don’t worry if you can’t see one of your PMS solutions listed here, the above are example of ones we have, please get in touch to find out more.

Social Media Integrations

If you use these platforms to promote your practice through ‘lead ads’, our integrations will automatically pull new leads through to your DenGro dashboard triggering auto-responses in real time to reassure the prospective new patient that you’ve got their details as well as notifying your team who needs to be contacted when, how and what treatment(s) they are interested in.

Other Integrations

Integrations with complimentary solutions makes our customers working lives easier whether that’s connecting up enquiry forms to their DenGro account or rapidly improving the speed and clarity of  communication inside and outside the practice. With our new API we’re always open to integrating with other 3rd parties that are integral to your practice’s digital workflow.