Published: 21/06/2022

Read time: 6 Minutes

Whether you’re new to DenGro or looking for additional hints and tricks to improve your lead management, you’ll want to read our top five tips to help you make the most out of DenGro’s abundant features.


1. Know when to let go of a lead.

You’ve contacted a prospective patient a number of times (without spamming and harassing them), but you’ve just not been able to get hold of them. It happens. Instead of burying your head in your hands and feeling the despair, mark them as ‘inactive’ in DenGro. This won’t delete your lead; instead it will create a dormant profile, giving them a little resting time. The profile is still accessible should you want to retarget them at a later date, or if they contact your practice in the future. They’ll still show up in a search, for example, so it will be easy to find them again and reactivate their profile.


2. Cancel or rearrange an appointment.

We’ve made DenGro as easy to use as possible, so treatment booking, cancellations and amendments are all simple. Within the lead’s profile, you’ll find a link to their treatment. Click the ‘Cancel Appointment’ button and this will remove the appointment from the schedule. DenGro will record that the appointment has been cancelled as part of the lead’s history. Should you need to rearrange the appointment for a different time, cancel the appointment booked and re-enter an alternative time and day using the ‘Book Appointment’ button.


3. Login all practice users.

Problems are solved faster and working relationships are more stable when there is a culture of universal accountability, and it’s becoming more widely noted that high-performing teams are those ones in which peer accountability is encouraged.

DenGro can help create a positive culture of accountability in your practice, and encourage efficient lead conversion. Every team member is provided with their own personal login, which means you can see who is contacting which leads and when. DenGro’s ‘Today’s Tasks’ feature helps to streamline and organise lead conversion on a day-to-day basis for each team member. This keeps everything on schedule and everyone accountable.

Encourage users to login independently, rather than using one generic login, such as ‘Reception’. With individual logins for every team member, reporting is more accurate, and you can clearly see how your practice is performing and leads are converting. What’s more, you can add users at any time.


4. Remove duplicates.

Seeing double? Leads may accidentally fill in their details more than once, creating duplicate profiles for the same person. To avoid confusion, it’s easy to delete these – just hit the ‘Delete’ button. Don’t forget, these can only be removed if there is no activity on their profile, and as long as they haven’t been contacted yet.


5. Keep track of lead automations.

The more information you have, the better you will understand your leads. DenGro logs every automation that each person receives, and this is visible on their ‘Timeline’. At a glance, you can see which automations have been sent out, which have been successfully delivered and even at what date and times they have been opened and accessed. This is visible in each lead’s profile or you can view all automations under ‘Practice Settings’ for a more general overview.


In summary

Ultimately DenGro gets smarter the more you use it. Every little piece of information about a lead adds up to a bigger picture, and the same can be said for your practice as a whole. DenGro collects information to present you with valuable practice insights as well as a complete insight into the customer journey. It’s all to help your practice with treatment conversion and your dental lead tracking. Watch the progress each lead makes, and understand your patients better.


Ask us a DenGro question

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