Published: 23/03/2022

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Most B2C companies mistakenly think a Customer Relations Management system is enough to maintain a steady influx of leads and to help keep on top of the clients they already have. Unfortunately, in this day and age, that is not the case.

In order to strive for full client management and lead conversion potential, you really need to be working with both a CRM and a good, solid lead management software that is tailored to your company’s needs.

So, what is a CRM and what does it do?

Well, in short, a CRM system primarily provides a central location where companies can store customer and prospect data, as well as track customer interactions, and share any relevant information with colleagues. It essentially allows businesses to manage and improve relationships with customers, while simultaneously helping the business to grow.

Sounds like a wonderful thing, right? It is. And as a business that depends on lead management and lead conversion, it certainly has its uses. But it’s not enough. Not anymore.

Business climate and competition grows more fierce by the year, and it’s in every business’s best interest (regardless of sector or industry) to constantly stay one step ahead of their competitors. If a technology becomes available that is designed to keep you ahead of the rest in order to enhance your relations, goals, and customer management, why wouldn’t you invest in it?

Enhancing your resources

Dental clinics are prime candidates for specialised advanced software that goes beyond the capabilities of a CRM system because they fundamentally rely on customer care and lead development. This is where DenGro comes in handy.

While you shouldn’t be forsaking your CRM just yet, it’s well worth considering enhancing your resources to step in and do the work the CRM can’t do.

If you’re finding that there’s simply not enough hours in the day to be chasing leads or that your team’s time could be better spent doing something else, investing in technology that is specifically designed to support growth, as well as take certain tasks off of the front-of-house team could be extremely profitable.

With lead nurturing and conversion at the forefront of its goals, DenGro software can provide your team with an arsenal of tools to make conversion easier, as well as your team more focussed and effective, resulting in seamless lead conversion and client satisfaction. These are tools of which your CRM simply doesn’t possess in any real depth.

Sounds good, but what else can it do?

Well, for starters it collects all your leads centrally and automatically by pulling them from your website and marketing activity, so you don’t risk losing track of them in a cluttered inbox.

Once DenGro has done that, it organises the leads on its unique task-based dashboard, this along with prompts and follow-up reminders, prompts and guides the team every day on who needs contacting, when they need contacting, and how.

Another big time-saver for your clinic is DenGro’s automated emails and SMS messages that are brand specific, treatment specific and relevant to where the lead is in their decision making process. This a big time-saver, keeping all your leads warm and well informed while you get on with the rest of your job. And to top it off, DenGro has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use for all members of your team.

So, we’ve established that a smoothly operating clinic runs at its fullest potential by employing the uses of both a CRM system and a specially designed lead nurture and conversion software.

They both have their benefits that the other cannot provide – so we recommend using both in order to maximise your clinic’s potential without employing more manpower to do it for you.