Published: 20/01/2022

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Have you been spending time (and money) advertising your Dental Business, but find that when leads have expressed interest in a treatment, your team lack the time and means to respond quickly and nurture these prospective patients? Instead of spending more time (and money) creating ads, why not invest a fraction of your marketing budget in software that is designed to capture and nurture the leads that you’ve paid for?

Tips for Growing Your Dental Practice

Get to know your numbers

Dental practices have to generate leads through conversions like phone calls, form submissions or live chat. Yes, 62% of marketers who use phone calls don’t know how to track them, and 53% of marketers who use live chat struggle to track it.

Measuring your conversion rate (both from website visitor to lead, and lead to treatment started) is vital when assessing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and how these leads are handled once they reach your practice.

Understanding your conversion rate allows you to benchmark yourself against your competitors and set targets for the future.

Armed with this information, you are able to critically assess each marketing channel as well as make operational changes that maximise the opportunity for your team to convert as many leads as possible.

DenGro’s attribution reporting shines a light on where all your online leads are coming from. Its performance reporting shows you how well your team is moving these leads from call-to-appointment and appointment-to-treatment.


Create a Great New Patient Experience

Ways of doing this include understanding that first impressions account for so much – so make yours a good one!

Make your lead feel valued by providing –

  • Instant acknowledgement of their interest in a treatment. Make sure they know you’ll get in touch with them very soon.
  • Contact when convenient. Put the potential patient first by asking for their most convenient time and method of contact, thus decreasing contact attempts and wasted team time.
  • Handy appointment reminders. Reduce FTAs (fail to attend) with a series of pre-written automated email and SMS reminders.
  • Personalised, relevant content. Automated messages (email and SMS) that are pre-written and designed to nurture the lead and provides them with relevant information about a treatment.
  • A positive first impression. Instant acknowledgment of enquiries, treatment specific nurture messaging, establish the best time to contact and conduct meaningful and structured follow-ups – all of these enable your Practice to effortlessly provide a first-class new patient experience.


Automation Software

As we mentioned earlier, marketing and advertising will bring leads into your orbit, but then what? Many dental Practices find that they just don’t have the processes and systems in place to properly manage and nurture their leads, potentially limiting the growth of their Practice. This is where DenGro steps in.

DenGro’s CRM and marketing automation software that is specifically designed for dental Practices to optimise the new patient journey and grow revenue without needing to find the extra manpower to do the work. This software does it for you…


Revive inactive leads & retarget

The reasons that leads did not proceed with treatment in the past may no longer apply. Perhaps you’re running a promotion or have made changes in the practice that overcome previous objections. So retargeting with ads directed (retargeted) toward the leads who have shown interest in your treatments and practice in the past should become part of your marketing activity. So however you track and manage your leads, it’s vital to record the reasons why some prospective patients decide not to go ahead. These leads should then be securely archived.

DenGro’s reporting gives you the full picture so you can see by treatment what those reasons are so you and your team can make changes or be better prepared to overcome those same objections in the future. You can then conduct some retargeting and yes, DenGro enables you to monitor the success of those campaigns.


What DenGro Can Do for Your Practice

Rather than simply spending more money on advertising and/or chasing cold leads it makes sense to have a dynamic system in place to capture and nurture all your leads in one place, converting as many as possible into (potentially lifelong) patients.

DenGro was designed to help Practices save time and make more money, its lead management software:

  • Collects leads automatically. DenGro software pulls leads (referrals and enquiries) from your website and marketing activity, so you don’t have to search the Practice inbox to find them, meaning you’ll never lose a lead again.
  • Organise leads automatically. Leads are pulled on to DenGro’s unique task-based dashboard, ready for the team to make contact, follow-up if necessary and convert.
  • Know when you have a new lead, instantly. Real-time, new lead notifications tell you when a new lead has registered interest in a treatment.
  • No more forgotten or lost leads. Smart follow-up reminders that will help you understand who needs contacting, when and how.
  • Stay on track, keep converting. DenGro’s unique task flow helps the team stay on top of tasks, as well as follows up leads and keeps momentum. Stay efficient and effective, and keep converting!
  • Automated pre-written nurture messages. Save time with Practice branded and treatment specific email and SMS messages designed to nurture and convert your leads to treatment.
  • A history of lead communication. Lead Timelines keep track of all patient specific notes or communications, so anyone in the Practice can pick up the conversation.
  • Use for any treatment you like. Every Practice is different, so DenGro software is designed to accommodate all the treatments you offer. If you can’t find a treatment, just request one.
  • So easy to use. Built with the TCO and front-of-house teams in mind, DenGro has been designed and built to be intuitive and easy to use for everyone.

Who DenGro is for:

  • Front of house and TCO by providing the tools to automate and nurture and conversion.
  • Principles and managers by providing a transparent view of where leads are coming from and how well your team are handling enquiries.
  • Groups, corporates & brands by providing all of the above plus group level reporting for a clear view across all your practices, as well as group specific features such as the ability to move leads from one practice to another.


See How DenGro Can Benefit You

DenGro software is designed to maximise your Practice’s opportunities by creating resources that increase your team’s effectiveness and efficiency by automating the repetitive and the routine. freeing them up for those invaluable interactions with both leads and patients providing them with the tools they need to stay on top of their own tasks; DenGro customers habitual use its software day in day out helps teams and principals to stay on top of their new patient enquiries with the time and opportunity to provide a first class customer experience.

If you feel ready to start your DenGro journey and would like some more information first, book a demo today? Our twenty-minute online demo will talk you through the what, why and how of DenGro. Details for joining the webinar will be confirmed via email after booking.

If revenue growth is your aim, what are you waiting for? Get started today!