Published: 31/05/2022

Read time: 6 Minutes

It’s certainly been a challenging time for the industry, but thankfully many practices are now looking forward – planning a re-open and gearing up for a ‘new way of working’.

At a time like this, Practice Managers, Principals, TCOs and Owners need to have a totally transparent view of performance, enabling them to instantly see, react and respond to any trends in consumer activity.

An obvious and comparable measurement of performance is monthly revenue, but in this new age, that’s a measurement that’s too passive and comes too late in enabling the practice to pivot and take advantage of any treatment trends. Practices need an instant, real time view of what’s happening to enable them to plan and make positive steps forward.

How can DenGro help the practice right now?

High value treatment leads are going to take longer to convert

They will. Whether it’s down to procrastination or the fact you’ve less diary space available, leads will take longer to convert to treatment.

Knowing the ‘new’ average conversion time for each treatment will enable the practice to plan financially, understanding the likelihood of conversion based on previous success, as well as the time required to convert – great for understanding where that sale will fall in your revenue cycle.

Longer conversion times will mean leads require more nurturing. Consider extending your lead follow-up process by making more contact attempts before marking a lead as inactive, or extending the time between contact attempts.

With more nurturing will come more contact points – more emails, Whatsapps, calls – which means more notes and contact reports. If you’re currently doing this manually, it’s going to take you longer, so you may want to think about a more efficient method of keeping track.Understand where pre COVID leads are right now in the conversion journey

Your pre-COVID leads are more than likely highly available right now, it’s a great time to get in touch to talk about their treatment interest again and whether their motivations are still valid.

Circumstances have changed, but you might be surprised to find that motivations are still high for certain treatments, Invisalign for example. Just as Instagram caused a stampede to clinics for cosmetic treatments as people were reviewing their looks in photos online, the current trend for Zoom, Houseparty and other video conferencing apps will have a similar effect, albeit with a slower sales spike due to the financial climate.

If leads have decided that now is not the right time, ask them if you’re able to stay in touch, adding them to the practice newsletter, social channels, or ideally a specific email sequence for your COVID leads.

Understand where new leads are coming from

If you’re switching your marketing back on, it’s crucial that you know which leads have come from where and for what treatments. Having a real time view of this will enable you to experiment with your marketing budgets, turning them up or down to suit the practice calendar, placement and ad conversion.

It’s also crucial that you follow any news leads up as quickly as possible. Our data suggests that by following leads up within 2 hours of their submission, you have a 30% higher chance of converting them to treatment. Make sure you have ‘new lead’ emails or notification texts enabled so you have an instant acknowledgement of new interest so you start an immediate conversation.

Understanding where your leads are coming from will also allow you to understand how much nurturing they may or may not need. For example, Facebook leads are normally higher up in the sales funnel than those from Google and so will take longer to convert, needing more information and education before making a decision.

Working flexibly

Finally, as we all slowly move out of lockdown and back into practice, discovering what the ‘new norm’ may look like for practices, it’s imperative that we use systems which remain flexible over this period of flux; remote access allows for work to be done out of practice and out of hours if required. Multiple user accounts allows for the transfer of tasks between team members if required, or between shift rotas and finally, online reporting allows for decision makers to understand demand and performance at the click of a finger, controlling the positive steps to rebuilding practice revenue.


These are just some of the ways in which DenGro can help your practice understand performance as we ease out of lockdown, and beyond. Want to know more? Get started or book a demo at your convenience.