Published: 20/05/2022

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In the height of the digital age, there is no shortage of technology available to help manage and grow a business. Everything from SEO products that optimise your website or blog, to lead conversion through social media – everything you need to expand and excel in your practice is at the touch of a button or the click of a mouse.

In amongst the drag & drop culture of workplace products, DenGro decided to go one step beyond that to provide practices with what they really need.

Our Uniqueness and How We Stay One Step Ahead of the Game

The current mission behind DenGro is to help practices convert and nurture leads in order to keep a healthy continuum of patients. We’ve done this by creating cutting edge, top-of the-line software that takes the manual work out of the above tasks, thus enabling your FOH staff to focus on their other obligations, as well as preventing the dental team from being inundated with questions from new patients, because everything they need to know about their treatment will have already been outlined before they even walk through the door.


How We Differ from Standard “Drag & Drop” Work Management Systems

Did you know that while, yes – our software does indeed differ from that of the D&D format, however, this wasn’t always the case?

While we understand how useful drag & drop systems are, it didn’t take long for us to realise that our clients needed something that excelled the basic benefits they provide, which mainly just outline what work needs to be done.

Our customers are busy practices, all of whom require something more interactive and productive; effectively a technology that does a multitude of tasks that would otherwise be completed manually by members of staff. So, we evolved our software to meet these needs and now the difference is that DenGro does the work for you. How it works is your leads will be ‘fed’ into your system via Google/Facebook/Etc., or you can manually upload your leads and then DenGro will convert and nurture those leads for you by sending a series of emails and text messages.


How We Evolved

DenGro understands that one of the most important aspects of practice/lead-based businesses is attracting, converting, and nurturing leads. While drag and drop workflow systems certainly aid these environments, we wanted to do one better – and to keep growth at the forefront of this technology.

So, our purpose now is to predominantly provide cutting-edge software that gathers, converts, and nurtures leads for you, as well as manages important aspects of customer service by outlining various procedures suited to a potential lead’s needs. It also provides managers and principals with a set of practice and marketing performance reports to help analyse and influence growth for the future, all of which serves to free up much time from busy front-of-house and managerial teams.

DenGro Explained

If you are considering using DenGro software for your practice, but are concerned that it won’t provide you with anything other than your average, run of the mill drag and drop system, then allow us to explain what is included within the software and how it will benefit your practice.

What We Do:

In a nutshell, we will provide your front-of-house team with an arsenal of tools to make conversion easier, and your team more focused and effective. This includes:

  • Simplifying systems and freeing up time: DenGro technology is fundamentally an online tool that simplifies lead management, which aids the practice in tracking, nurturing, and converting more leads into patients.
  • The ‘Today’ dashboard. This works as a high-quality to-do list. It presents everything the team needs to do in a particular day in order to maintain conversion momentum and to keep on top of daily tasks.
  • Lead-pulling. Leads are pulled automatically into DenGro software from online marketing channels, such as the practices social media pages, Google, or their website. This means the front-of-house team do not need to manually seek out leads – they all appear automatically on the DenGro dashboard, ready to be followed-up and converted.
  • Lead generation. Our software reports allow your team to understand which marketing activities are producing the most leads, as well as which of those activities are producing the most conversions.
  • Listing leads. The leads list does what it says on the tin. It is a simple, easily-assessable list of potential leads who have shown interest in treatment at the practice. Filtering the list enables the practice to understand the lead at each stage of his/her conversion, as well as their potential value. This data can also be exported and downloaded if needed.
  • Lead profiles. Each lead has his/her own profile, which holds information including their contact details, location, preferences, the treatment/treatments of interest, as well as any notes from previous conversations. There’s also a timeline of interactions, such as messages delivered, opens, clicks, etc., – and the dates of these interactions.
  • Conversion reports. This is a report outlining conversion rates, which allows the user to view the flow of conversions throughout the practice. This report also allows the team to understand lead objection, as well as highlighting areas requiring improvement and/or training.
  • A summary of the practice. The summary allows the team to see what lead activity there has been to date, as well as the volume of leads, and from which channels they came from. This data is outlined chronologically at every stage of the conversion journey.

DenGro software isn’t exclusively for the betterment of your front-of-house team. Our technology is designed to keep the cogs turning in all areas of the practice – whether you’re an independent practice or a chain.

Our growth plans have been designed to cater to your practice specific needs and include no contract, no set-up fee, and no commitment. To find out how we can help your practice grow and prosper, or if you would like to sign up for a demo, take a look here.