Published: 04/07/2022

Read time: 5 Minutes

While lead automation software is brilliant for taking prospects and converting them into patients, DenGro tech goes much further than that.

One of the key reasons for hundreds of practices using DenGro every day is to improve productivity and boost the efficiency of your practice. In managing the workload of your team, DenGro’s dashboard focuses on what needs to be done today, no need to worry about when to follow up with numerous prospective patients or what other tasks need to be completed. DenGro will take care of that guiding the team on a daily basis like a virtual PA

So, while you may already be familiar with – or using – DenGro software, we want to know: are you using the software to its full potential to drive team efficiency?


Prioritising Your Team’s Daily Workload With DenGro

As your team’s virtual PA DenGro’s workflow and outcome based tasks are easy and intuitive so that all users are able to handle their tasks quickly and effectively. Leaving the team feeling in control and on top of new patient enquiries. Just some of the other benefits of DenGro software includes:

  • Your team can allocate its tasks via the ‘Today’ page, prompting and guiding everyone on what to do on a day-to-day basis; splitting out activity into specific tasks, such as making contact with new leads, follow-ups with existing leads, new referrals, new general enquiries, practice set-up (e.g. admin tasks related to integrating DenGro with other software your practice may use) and practice notifications (e.g. SMS messages that failed and need to be resent). This allows the team to identify and ‘stovepipe’ all tasks, so that they can be done in one go, rather than flitting between different activities.
  • Enhanced marketing automation means your team never has to write an acknowledgment or nurture email again – DenGro does it for you. Branded to your practice, these messages have been written for over 150 different treatments, and also the stage the lead is at (new, follow-up, consultation booked and so on) saving so much time that would otherwise have been used up creating these emails over and over again.
  • The integration with PMS like Dentally and EXACT syncs patient and appointment data so no more duplication of tasks.


Managing & Analysing Growth

Using DenGro drives practice growth through lead nurture and conversion. Dental businesses use the software to track, manage and analyse revenue growth in real-time; optimise marketing spend based on lead attribution; seeing how well the team is performing offers insight on current or future training and recruitment needs.

DenGro is deliberately user-friendly for all members of your team who will have varying levels of experience and confidence in CRM software. As well as enabling owners, principals, practice managers and central marketing teams to understand performance at both group and practice level.

DenGro performance reports are real-time, quickly accessed, giving you a snapshot of core metrics for your business; no. of leads, value of leads, average time to first contact, no. of appointments booked, conversion rate and more.

You can also monitor and refine your marketing activities (and budget) by gaining insight into lead attribution. What’s working, what’s not, what needs tweaking; how many prospects, which sources, what’s the conversion by source/channel – all at the click of a button.

If your business is made up of more than one, you can see how each practice is performing in relation to its peers; identify reasons for differences and implement processes to improve performance where needed.


A business’s growth is only as effective as the team working to drive it, and a team is only as effective as the resources it has to manage their core activities and processes. With DenGro, your team has much more time to focus on the most valuable activities and interactions.