Published: 04/07/2022

Read time: 5 minutes

DenGro’s CRM software is designed to make your front-of-house’s lives much easier; not to mention taking care of the important business of converting more of the leads that your business is generating.

But DenGro does so much more than that; and it’s been built and continually optimised just for dental businesses like yours.

It’s use is transformative to customers’ businesses and significantly improves their bottom line!

So, with that in mind, we’d like to know – are you using DenGro to its full potential?

Do You Know What Your Conversion Rate Is?

One of DenGro’s key attributes is to provide your team members with the tools they need to view, manage, measure, and optimise the new patient journey so your conversion rate is optimised and stays that way!

As a business, are you aware of what your conversion rate is right now, or in the last quarter/year? Are you utilising DenGro’s tech to fully reap the benefits of its marketing automation software?

DenGro removing the tedious and time-consuming FoH task of sifting through various platform inboxes to find any new leads, then write and send acknowledgements. DenGro pulls leads from your website, landing pages, Facebook, Instagram, chatbot and so on. These leads are collated and organised on your ‘Today’ dashboard, so your team know who to contact, when and how.

Instant notifications let your team know when a new lead arrives so they can deliver a responsive and informative customer experience.

All this, combined serves as an easy way for your team to keep on top of all enquiries, maintain momentum and improve that conversion rate.

Do You Know the Value of Your Pipeline?

As we mentioned above, DenGro tech goes beyond the average CRM system. The software offers multiple reports and filters so you can get an instant and real time view of your sales pipeline as well as drill down to specific treatments or channels.

DenGro’s revenue forecast will present you with both potential revenue as well as predicted revenue based on your conversion rate performance.

With the ability to edit treatment prices, this reporting will ably support and refine your practice’s financial planning.

Do You Know Where Your Best Leads Are Coming From?

At the heart of DenGro is lead management, a key part of that is lead attribution. You will get a clear view of where your warmest and highest quality leads are coming from – with this insight marketing activities can be adjusted to do more of what’s working. It also means a higher likelihood of positive, rewarding and informative conversations for new patients, thus improving the lead conversion journey for both them and for your FoH team ,TCO or Lead Coordinator.

Do You Know How Quickly Your Team Follows Up?

Are you fully utilising your DenGro software by keeping track of how quickly your FoH team, TCO or Lead Coordinator is following up on leads?

If you have a specific lead-conversion monthly/quarterly/annual target, this is a great way of making sure your Practice is on track.

DenGro makes it easy for Practice owners and managers to track their team’s performance. It does this by creating Practice performance reports, which can be accessed at the simple click of a button.

These reports provide transparency in the number of enquiries your Practice receives, as well as time to first contact (i.e. how responsive is the team when a new lead is received), appointments booked, conversion rates, and more.

All of which allows for exemplary team performance monitoring and the highlighting of any areas that need improvement or additional training, etc.

Are You Reaping All of DenGro’s Benefits?

If you’re not sure whether business is using DenGro to the full, we’d love to show you how to do that. Please jump on the Live Chat to talk to a member of the team today!