Published: 21/06/2022

Read time: 7 Minutes

Gut feelings can be useful in business, but they have limits. If you want rapid but sustainable practice growth, you need to make consistently great decisions. And for that, you need data and a tool like DenGro to translate that data into insights that can help improve your processes and impact on overall conversion.


Convert more treatment enquiries

Simply put, if you don’t track new treatment enquiries, you can’t improve your processes. DenGro tracks new enquiries for you and lets you compile reports at the click of a button. At a glance, you can understand how many treatments staff booked, if the person didn’t book, our in-app reports help you understand why. You can use those insights to adjust your onboarding processes and increase new patient take-up.

After the latest updates, DenGro’s reporting system can now:

  • Support more complex filtering options
  • Provide data on new metrics
  • New ‘practice tab’ gives groups more control

Read on to find out six ways you can use DenGro reports to improve your treatment enquiry process.


Practice Summary

This gives you an overview of where active patient leads are in their journey. The report breaks enquiries down by colour to show where they came from (the channel).

Practice Summaries highlight points in the journey where your patient leads aren’t progressing. At this point, you should consider ways to improve your enquiry processes. The goal is to keep as many patient leads as possible moving towards treatment bookings.

You can check whether patient leads move through particular channels slower than others. For example, if staff have contacted all leads from social media but none have booked in, you might consider changing your follow-up approach – try extending your contact process for leads from that source, or using different contact methods to get in touch


Lead Generation

Practice Summary Report
DenGro’s Practice Summary Report

The Lead Generation reports now show patient lead generation data by day/week/month. You can discover when your leads are coming in and did a specific campaign or sale boost leads during a certain time? There may even be a particular day or month when the practice consistently gains more leads.

This page also houses the Lead Volume by Channel and Source reports helping you identify the channels producing the most leads. Armed with that info, you can decide if you want to invest more in those channels.

If you use DenGro Reports regularly, you’ll notice the ‘expected value’ figure is new. We calculate this by dividing the total value of your patient leads by your conversion rate, giving you a more accurate idea of what your confirmed revenue could be if you continue to convert at your current rate.



The new Affiliate Report gives you a break down of lead generation by affiliate. An ‘Affiliate’ is a partner agency or person you work with who manages your marketing campaigns and lead generation. Here, you can track their performance. Filter by channel, date range or source for more detail and comparisons.



One benefit of DenGro’s in-app reporting is the visualisation of your conversion funnel. The conversion funnel tracks leads who have completed their journey in DenGro, either by starting treatment or by losing interest in treatment.

Here, our newest report can show you the distribution of feedback reasons why leads decide not to go ahead with treatment. You can use this report to identify status points in the journey where you’re losing the most leads, helping you understand where to focus your attention and improve internal processes.

DenGro Report Section


Team Effectiveness

Discover how effective your staff are at actioning tasks. Who is booking the most appointments? Who is completing the most tasks? It’s all there, at the click of a button. One of the most effective ways to use this information is to identify your DenGro ‘champion’. Who’s booking the most appointments and what tips can they share with the rest of the team?


Catchment Area

Last but not least, you can take a look at geographic data. Where are your leads located? The information is mapped out clearly for you here. Use it to consider the story it tells you about your on- and offline targeting, is there a particular geographical location that’s generating leads that convert best?

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