Published: 01/12/2022

Read time: 1 Minute

In this video you will be shown how the integration works, how to set up the integration and how to use the prompts in DenGro.

“This video will show you all of the features of how DenGro integrates with Aerona. This integration will allow you to create and link patient records and appointments removing the need for duplication across both systems. This is a two way integration which means that changes made about the patient’s details or their appointment in either software will be reflected across both. Keep watching to see how this works: To set up the integration hover over the ‘cog’ in the top right hand corner and select ‘practice integrations’. Scroll down to PMS integrations and enter in your Aerona details including your password and pin. In the dropdown menu select the correct practice and click ‘connect to Aerona’. The Aerona prompts appear once a lead is at the ‘Consultation Booked’ stage. Whilst they remain at ‘New’ prompts will not appear to avoid clogging up Aerona with leads who aren’t yet ready to book a consultation. With this example Tina is wanting to book a consultation to discuss Six Month Smiles. The prompt will ask if Tina already exists in Aerona. If she does have an existing patient record, you will then be shown any matching results from Aerona for you to then select the matching person.Please ensure all personal details are correct as not every name is unique. If she doesn’t have an existing patient record, you can create one by completing all the relevant details Aerona needs. If you don’t have all the details required by Aerona then this will not be possible and you will need to recontact the lead to get this information. If you are unsure it will have a search of Aerona and present you with any matching options. You can skip the Aerona prompts all together via the ‘Skip’ button. Next it will ask if there is an appointment already made for this lead in Aerona. If the lead does have an appointment booked in Aerona then you can select the practitioner they will be seeing and the date of the appointment. Aerona will then show you the matching appointment for you then to link together. If the lead doesn’t have an appointment booked in Aerona you can create one by selecting the practitioner , the duration of the appointment, the reason and the date range you want to book them in. All available appointments will be shown for you to then select. You can confirm any final details and automated messages to be sent to the lead. Then press done. Once the lead and appointment is linked across both Aerona and DenGro it will mean that any cancellations, rescheduling will be reflected across both systems. These updates in Aerona will be reflected on the lead profile page. To link an existing patient in Aerona to a lead task from DenGro select the lead and click view lead. Once here select the 3 dots at the top right of the lead page, and click ‘link to Aerona patient’. You will be shown a list of any matching potential patients that have been found in Aerona based upon the details on the lead in DenGro. Names won’t always be unique so make sure you double check it is the correct patient with their date of birth and or contact information. Click save and that lead has now been linked with the existing patient within Aerona.”