Published: 21/02/2021

Read time: 2 minutes

Connect Dentally to DenGro

Dentally is smart practice management. It’s your data management, your practice diary, your secure backup and, just like DenGro, it’s cloud-based. So, when these two get together, they’re the dream team for practice efficiency. No more downloading data. No manual inputting of information. Appointments in DenGro are linked and synced in Dentally. It’s a joined up system that’s seamless and stress free.

A Dentally-DenGro team can support lead conversion. Plus, with real-time access to lead information, this cloud-enabled duo will make your patients’ practice experience smoother.

Here’s how to get started.


Integrate Dentally

It’s quick and easy to integrate Dentally with DenGro.

  1. Start by making sure you are logged into your DenGro account.
  2. Go to the cog icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen.
  3. From the drop down menu, select ‘Integrations’.
  4. Scroll down to below ‘Website Forms’. Under ‘Other Integrations’ you will see Dentally listed as a PMS integration. (You can only integrate one PMS.)
  5. Click ‘Connect to Dentally’.
  6. If you’re not already logged into Dentally, a pop up window will appear, asking you to sign in.
  7. From the dropdown menu, select your practice site.
  8. Click ‘Next’.
  9. You should see a green message telling you that your Dentally integration has been enabled.
  10. That’s it. You’re ready to go.

So, what happens next? Your systems are now connected, and you can use your Dentally integration to improve your practice workflow.

Here are a few things that you might find useful along the way:


Link lead to patient from lead details page

If a lead is not already linked to a patient you can link them on the lead details page.

  1. Go to a lead’s profile page
  2. In the top right hand corner of the screen is a “Link lead to patient” button
  3. Click the button, this will open a modal
  4. If there are any matching patients then they will appear
  5. Select a patient and click “Save”
  6. Your lead and patient records are now linked
  7. If there are no matching patients then you will be prompted to create a new patient in Dentally at the point of booking an appointment, not before.
  8. The “Link lead to patient” button has now been replaced with a “View in Dentally” button

Link lead to patient from new lead task

New leads that come in after your integration will automatically be displayed on the DenGro dashboard. Once you’ve integrated Dentally, you can link patient details and appointments.

  1. After you’ve integrated and a new lead gets created,. Your new lead will appear as a task in DenGro, as normal
  2. You will be asked if a patient record already exists when booking an appointment. You have three options “Yes”, “No” and “Not sure”. Clicking “Yes” or “Not sure” will search patients in Dentally using the leads contact details. Selecting “No” will allow you to create a new Patient that will get created in Dentally
  3. When selecting “Yes” you will be presented with any matching patients.
  4. Select the patient you want
  5. If you select “No” you will be asked for some additional information so we can create the patient in Dentally. These fields are all required.
  6. Follow the rest of the steps in the tasks and when complete the lead and patient will be linked or created
  7. Select the lead you want to link.

Creating & linking an appointment

You can create or link DenGro appointments to Dentally appointments.

  1. When creating an appointment in a task or on the lead create page you will be asked if the appointment already exists in Dentally.
  2. If you select “Yes” and have linked the lead to a patient you will be asked to select the practitioner the appointment is with.
  3. Once the practitioner is selected we will perform a search in Dentally for any future appointments for this patient. Select the appointment you want and then you can proceed to the next step.
  4. If you select “No” you will be asked to perform a search for available time slots by selecting the practitioner, reason and duration. If the time slot you are looking for is not displayed it means that there is no availability at that time.
  5. Creating an appointment in DenGro will also create the appointment in Dentally for the linked patient.
  6. After completing a task or creating a lead the appointments will be linked or created in Dentally.

Creating a new lead in DenGro and linking an existing patient in Dentally

DenGro will recognise if you are entering the details for a new lead that already exists in Dentally.

  1. When creating a new lead, DenGro will automatically search for matching patients based on the email address, telephone or mobile number you have entered.
  2. If DenGro recognises a matching patient in Dentally, you will be asked if you if you would like to link the lead to a patient.
  3. If you choose to link the lead to a patient, any appointments created in DenGro will also be created in Dentally.
  4. If you choose not to link a lead to a patient and you are booking a new appointment you will be asked for some additional details. This will create a new patient in Dentally.

Cancelling and rescheduling appointments

Lead not interested anymore? Cancel an appointment in DenGro, and it will automatically update in Dentally.

  1. On a Lead Profile, their appointment will be visible under ‘Treatments’.
  2. From here you can reschedule, cancel or mark a lead as ‘No longer interested’.
  3. If you choose ‘Cancel’, it’s important to log the reason for cancellation. DenGro will ask ‘Why not?’ and give you a selection of reasons to choose from, such as lead changed their mind, or thought the treatment was too expensive.
  4. Cancelling an appointment in DenGro will mark the appointment as cancelled in Dentally.
  5. Changes made in Dentally will be referenced in the DenGro lead timeline.

Knowing the reason for losing a lead can help you better position future offers. It can also help to inform future plans based on real data that you gather in DenGro. The more you put in, the more you get back.

  1. If an appointment has not yet been attended, you can reschedule:
  2. On the Lead Profile, go to their appointment.
  3. Click ‘Reschedule appointment’.
  4. Complete the new appointment details.
  5. Click ‘Next’.
  6. Rescheduling an appointment in DenGro will automatically reschedule the appointment in Dentally.
  7. Changes made in Dentally will be referenced in the DenGro lead timeline.

Lead Profiles

Once you’ve linked your lead details to Dentally, you can easily view any updates that have been made in Dentally on the Lead Profile timeline.

  1. Status changes can be viewed in ‘Timeline’.
  2. You can also easily access Dentally using the ‘View in Dentally’ button at the top left of the Lead Profile.

Need help? Contact if you have any questions, or open a chat with one of the team now using the icon in the button right hand corner of your screen.