Published: 26/03/2022

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If you have Facebook store locations set up in your business manager you can use these in your lead ad forms. You can find out more about store locations here.

If you have group features in your DenGro account this is the ideal solution to use if you want a lead to specify the DenGro account they should be fed into. This replaces the need for DenGro to automatically determine what DenGro account to assign the lead to.

How does this work?

Each store location in Facebook will have a unique ID, this is a numeric value up to 10 digits long. We would recommend you set the value to something that makes sense to your business.

DenGro supports values between 6-10 digits long, so it is important that the value you specify here is at least 6 digits long. Set your store ID and click “Save”.

Once you have set the Store ID, you need to update the corresponding practice(location) in DenGro, providing you have access to the DenGro account you can do this on the Practice Details page. Example below.

Facebook store location DenGro

Once you have configured your store locations, you can now use these in your lead ad forms that feed into DenGro.

Setting up your forms in Facebook

Providing everything in your Facebook business manager is configured correctly, when creating a new lead ad form you should see the “Store Locator” field. Under custom questions.

Select the store locator field and specify the locations. Add the additional fields you want to capture and save your form.

Mapping the Facebook form to DenGro

Your form is now ready to be used with DenGro’s Facebook Store Locator feature. In DenGro you need to ensure that your Facebook page is connected with your group account. If you are unsure on how to connect your Facebook page to DenGro.

When mapping your desired lead ad form to DenGro you should see a section that will allow you select your Store locator field.

Map the remaining fields and click the “Save” button.

This will create the form field mappings and process any pending leads. To test your forms are functioning correctly you can use the Lead ads testing tool or tools within Facebook business manager.

Providing everything is configured correctly as above, when a lead submits a lead ad form in Facebook and they have chosen a location they should be assigned to the desired practice in DenGro

If you have any questions about your Facebook integration, please get in touch with DenGro support.