Published: 27/01/2022

Read time: 4 minutes

What is a Treatment?

A treatment refers to any service or care that a dental practice, beauty or wellbeing clinic offers to its prospects and patients.

Is ‘TCO appointment’ or a ‘New Patient’ appointment deemed a treatment?

No, those would be categorised as types of appointments and not necessarily the Treatment that a patient will receive or a lead is enquiring about.

Our treatments refer to the actual type of treatment they’ll undergo – such as Implants, Invisalign, or Teeth Whitening.

Where can I see what treatments are available in DenGro?

Any Manager user in DenGro can view the full list of treatments available in DenGro by going to Practice Settings (the cog symbol at the top right of the Today page) and selecting Practice Treatments.

Accessing the Practice Treatments page in DenGro

Why can O only see 4 treatments!

To make it easier to navigate, DenGro’s treatment list is organised into different tiers – or verticals. When the Practice Treatments page first loads, you’ll be shown the top tier of treatment types.

To view the next tier of treatments, click on the downward arrow to the right of the relevant treatment pod. We have over 150 treatments now!

Viewing the DenGro treatment list on the Practice Treatments page

What if Idon’t offer a lot of these treatments?

No problem! By default, when you first create your DenGro account, all treatments will be toggled ON.

If you don’t offer a specific treatment and don’t want to track that treatment in your reports, then you can toggle that treatment OFF – simply click the turquoise toggle button to the right of each individual treatment. When it’s grey, that means that it’s OFF.

Just remember, you can’t click off a whole tier of treatments if you’ve got one of the lower-tier treatments switched ON.

Toggle OFF any treatments you don't offer in practice

What’s the benefit of recording a treatment?

Capturing and recording a treatment for each lead not only improves your reporting, but it also helps improve the way you communicate with the lead.

The lead’s main treatment interest will be displayed on the task for the lead, helping your team to understand what they’re contacting the lead about and how best to talk to them about that treatment.

The treatment the lead selects will also trigger a sequence of messages (email and SMS) specific to that treatment type. These messages often pull out the unique selling points of the treatment and help encourage the lead to take the next step and start treatment.

How does a lead choose what treatment they’re interested in?

If a lead submits their details through an online enquiry form, you can choose to add a treatment drop-down menu to the form, so that the lead can select what their main treatment interest is. DenGro can then capture that treatment selection when the lead submits their information.

If you have an online enquiry form that’s specific to one type of treatment – for example, on an Invisalign landing page – then you can set a ‘hidden’ treatment selection. This can be done by your web developer and means that the lead doesn’t need to select their treatment, it’ll be applied automatically to their submission when they send it.

When you’re adding a lead into DenGro manually, using the +Add button, you’ll be asked to confirm what treatment the lead is enquiring about, by selecting a treatment from a drop-down menu. The treatments displayed in the drop-down menu will correspond to the treatments that you’ve switched ON from the Practice Treatments page.

What is the ‘Average Amount’ assigned to each treatment?

To help improve your reporting on potential, expected, and confirmed revenue for each of your leads, every treatment is assigned an ‘Average Amount’. When a lead is received for a specific treatment, this average amount is assigned as the lead’s Potential Value.

By default, when your account is first created, the Average Amounts assigned to each treatment are UK industry averages. To make your reports more accurate, you can choose to change these averages to match your own practice’s values.

How do I change the ‘Average Amount’?

Any Manager user of the account can change the Average Amount for each treatment by going to Practice Settings (the cog symbol at the top right) and selecting Practice Treatments.

Against each treatment’s Average Amount, you’ll see a pencil symbol. Click on the symbol to change the value of that specific treatment and then hit ENTER on your keyboard to save.

You can also choose to change the Potential Value assigned to each individual lead to match their treatment requirements – this can be done on the task for the lead or on their Profile Page.

Edit the Average Amount for each treatment in DenGro from the Practice Treatments page

Where can I see what treatment a lead is interested in?

You can see what treatments a lead is interested in by going to their Profile Page. You can reach the Profile Page either by Searching for the lead, using their name, email address, phone number or by clicking on the View Lead button on the task for a lead.

Under the Map, you’ll see the lead’s treatment interest(s) listed out as individual pods.

Treatment pod on a lead's Profile Page in DenGro

Can I record if a lead is interested in multiple treatments?

Yes! Simply go to their Profile Page and scroll down to the Treatments area, just under the Map. From there, click +Add Treatment and follow the prompts to record the treatment type and the status of the lead’s enquiry for that Treatment.


Can the lead move to a different treatment if the one they originally picked wasn’t correct?

Yes, often leads pick the treatment they think they will want but during the consultation process the practitioner will recommend an alternative. You can go to their Profile Page and scroll down to the Treatments area, just under the Map. From there, click +Add Treatment and follow the prompts to record the treatment type they are proceeding with and the status of the lead’s enquiry for that Treatment.For the treatment that they won’t be continuing with select ‘Not interested in treatment’ and mark the reason as ‘Opted for different treatment’. This will ensure the automated messages the lead receives are specific to the new treatment and ensure accurate reporting.