Published: 01/03/2022

Read time: 4 Minutes

Lead attribution: what is it?

Attribution lets you link your patient leads to your marketing activities. Specifically, attribution can tell you what attracted a lead to your campaign, which advert a lead clicked on, which marketing campaign it was part of and the channel the campaign was running on.

Why’s that important? Well, if you want to spend money smartly, you’d allocate more budget to the campaigns that drive the most sales and scale back those that don’t, right? Imagine you’re running a Facebook campaign at the same time as a pay-per-click ad. You want to know which one is more effective.

You’re in luck. DenGro’s lead attribution can give you this information.


How to set UTM Parameters

You can read all about UTM parameters and how they work in our Integration article, Below are the most important guidelines to follow when using UTMs in URLs. Make sure to capture the rules and conventions in a document that’s available to everyone in your organisation.

Use setting tags consistently. It doesn’t matter whether you use ‘cpc’, ‘paid’, or ‘promoted’ to signify paid traffic from an ad platform. What is important is that you use that tag to mean the same thing throughout your tagging and reporting activities. If different people in different parts of your organisation use ‘cpc’, ‘paid’ and ‘promoted’ interchangeably for the same type of traffic, your data won’t be properly aggregated.

Use case consistently. UTM tags are case sensitive. Always use a clear rule for capitalisation and follow it religiously.

Create a naming convention for campaign. The exact naming convention depends on the setup for your business. Here are some guidelines:

Keep names as short as possible, while still unique and descriptive of the campaign. Abbreviations are useful only if they are easy to understand. Avoid identical long phrases in multiple campaign names.

Start the name with what’s unique to the campaign. The name will often be truncated when looking at it in DenGro. If you advertise in different countries, use an abbreviation for the country in the campaign name. For example, UK, DE, SE.


Get started today

So now you know how DenGro’s lead attribution works and how to tag campaigns for more accurate lead tracking and reporting. We hope you found this guide useful. If you have more questions, please contact or open a chat window in the bottom right-hand corner to ask a question now.