Published: 27/02/2022

Read time: 5 minutes

What is a referral?

A referral is a prospective patient referred to the practice by another dentist or dental practice. Not all referrals will become a guaranteed patient and not all referrals are relevant to being nurtured as a lead. DenGro gives you the ability to capture patient referrals safely and securely and determine what action you want to take next with them.

Referral in app on DenGro

How do referrals get into my DenGro account?

A referral can be captured in DenGro from an online referral form on the practice website or any separate landing pages. An existing online referral form can be connected to DenGro, including any attachment upload requirements. You can also create a new referral form using the DenGro Form Builder.

Can I add a referral into DenGro manually?

No, currently, you can’t add a referral into DenGro manually. DenGro’s main focus is on lead management. If you’ve received a paper or email referral you can choose to add that referral in as a Lead and track the prospect’s conversion journey.

When adding a lead into DenGro, you can record how the lead heard about the practice – “referred by another practice” is an available option, allowing you to track which leads came from practice referrals.

What details does DenGro need for a referral?

When received a lead into DenGro through an online referral form, there are certain key details that DenGro requires about the patient being referred and the practice doing the referring, in order to accept that referral into the account:

  • Patient First Name
  • Patient Last Name
  • Patient Email
  • Patient Phone Number
  • Patient Address Line 1
  • Patient City
  • Patient Postcode
  • Patient Date of Birth
  • Dentist First Name
  • Dentist Last Name
  • Dentist Email
  • Dentist Phone Number
  • Referring Practice Name
  • Referring Practice Street Address
  • Referring Practice City
  • Referring Practice Postcode
  • Preferred Treatment
  • Treatment Details
  • GDPR Consent

Can I delete a referral?

If you choose to Decline a referral, DenGro will permanently delete all the information and personal identifying information about that referral.

Referral task DenGro

If you have accepted the referral and would like to permanently delete the data from your DenGro account, you’ll need to go to the Referral Profile Page:

  1. Go to the Contacts menu at the top of the DenGro screen.
  2. Select Referrals.
  3. Find the relevant referral and click on the pod.
  4. When the page loads, click on the Delete button at the top right of the page.

What do I do with the referral task?

When you receive a referral into your DenGro account, a task will be created on the Today page, under the Referrals section.

  1. View the details of the referral, click on the task pod.
    A summary of the referral details received will be displayed in the task panel. To view any attachments and additional attribution or source information, simply click the View Referral button at the top right of the task panel to go to the Referral Profile Page.
  2. Once you’ve reviewed the referral details, confirm the practice decision as to whether you will Accept or Decline the referral by clicking on the relevant button at the bottom of the task.
  3. If you have Accepted the referral, you’ll be given the option to either mark the task as Done – or, you can choose to Create a Lead from the referral and track as a prospective patient.
  4. If you choose to Decline the referral, DenGro will confirm that the information will be permanently deleted before you close the task.
Referral information DenGro

What happens if I don’t create a lead from the referral?

If you choose not to create a lead from the referral task, then the referral task will be marked as done but the details will not be deleted.

You can view all of your pending and accepted referrals on the Referrals List Page by going to the Contacts menu at the top of the DenGro page and select Referrals.

Number of referrals DenGro

Why is the referral deleted if I decline it?

Under the updated legislation of GDPR, if you choose not to accept a referral as a patient or prospect at the practice, then you are required by law to delete that person’s information anywhere that it’s held in the practice – you are only allowed to keep hold of their personal identifying information if you have a specific reason for contacting the person or maintaining their information.

How can the referring dentist see how their referral is progressing?

The referring dentist will be able to track the progress of their referral. As soon as the referral has been sent to DenGro they will get an automated email back to them confirming it’s been received and is pending a decision.

This email will contain a link which will be valid for 7 days from the day of referring and will allow them to track its status. If you delete this referral or the referral goes beyond 7 days this status page is no longer available to view.

Referral screen DenGro

Where can I see a list of all my referrals?

You can view a list of all your Accepted or Pending referrals by going to the Contacts menu at the top of the DenGro screen and selecting Referrals.

Can I see where the referral came from?

Yes, you can view any attribution source data about where the referral came from, on the Referral Profile Page.

  1. Go to the Contacts menu at the top of the DenGro screen.
  2. Select Referrals.
  3. Find the relevant referral and click on the pod.
  4. When the page loads, scroll to the bottom of the page, under the Timeline area to view the Attribution Pod.
Referral information DenGro

How do I know who completed the task for a referral?

You can view the details of any actions taken with the referral on the Referral Profile Page, under the Timeline section of the page. Here, DenGro can show you which user actioned the task to accept the referral, and when. It can also display what the outcome of the task was and whether a lead was created from the referral.