Published: 27/03/2022

Read time: 3 minutes

Where do I manage my subscription and billing details?

If you’re the paying customer (subscriber) for the DenGro account, you’ll see Subscriptions and Invoices & Payment Methods under the Personal Profile area (the symbol of a person at the top right of the DenGro screen)

My profile navigation DenGro

Why can’t I see Subscriptions and Invoices & Payment Methods under my profile?

You’ll only have access to these options if you are logged in as the paying customer for the DenGro subscription. If you’ve been assigned a licence and don’t pay for it, or are a User on the account and don’t manage the payments for the subscription, then you won’t have access to these.

What can I do under Subscriptions and Invoices & Payment Methods?

This is where the DenGro Customer can manage their subscriptions, licences, and payments.

Here, you can manage your existing subscription, create a new subscription and assign or revoke licences. You can also change the payment card registered on the account and view previous and upcoming invoices.

I recently became the DenGro customer and need to access Subscriptions and Invoices & Payment Methods

No problem, we’ll just need confirmation from the previous Customer, currently registered on the account, that they would like to transfer the subscription ownership to you. They can email the Practice Support Team at, with your name, email address, and permission to change the access.