Published: 27/04/2022

Read time: 6 minutes

What is a lead?

DenGro defines a lead as a prospective patient enquiry – anyone who is interested in becoming a new patient or starting a new treatment. In order for someone to count as a lead, you need to have their Name and at least one contact method for them – a way to get back in touch and nurture them into treatment.

How do leads get into my DenGro account?

There are 2 key ways to get a lead into your DenGro account:

1. Through an online form
You can connect an online enquiry form to DenGro so that when a lead submits their details through that form, those details are sent directly to DenGro for tracking and management. For more information on connecting your webforms to DenGro, check out our Integrations page.

2. By adding them in manually
A user can also add a lead to DenGro manually by clicking on the +Add button at the top right of the DenGro screen. Any Manager or User can add a lead into DenGro by following the prompts to enter the lead’s name and relevant information.

Add a lead in to DenGro

What details does DenGro need for a new lead to be added?

In order to add a lead into DenGro, you’ll need a few key details:

1. First Name

2. Contact detail
At least one method of contact is required for the lead – either a phone number, mobile number, or email address.

3. Treatment
DenGro needs to know what treatment the lead is enquiring about so it can send them the right information and make sure your reports are accurate.

4. Status
You can add a lead into DenGro at any status point during the lead journey – New, Consultation Booked, Consultation Attended, Treatment Started. This will help with reporting as well as messaging and tasks.

5. How did the lead hear about the practice?
In order to report on the source of your leads (attribution), DenGro needs to know how they found out about the practice.

Can I delete a lead?

Yes, you can choose to delete a lead if you need to, by clicking on the DELETE button at the top of the lead’s profile page. When deleting a lead, you’ll be asked to record the reason why you’re deleting the lead:

– It’s a duplicate lead
– It’s spam
– It’s a test lead
– No contact information
– Lead wants to be removed

Deleting a lead in DenGro

When deleting a lead, please ensure that you are confident in your decision to remove the lead from the account. For GDPR purposes, when a lead is deleted, all of their personal identifying information (PII) is removed from DenGro and we’re unable to retrieve it.

Can I choose what messages a new lead receives?

When adding a lead into DenGro through the +Add button, you can choose which messages to send to that lead. You can toggle OFF each message in the NEW sequence.

New lead messages in DenGro

If the lead has come through from a connected online form, they’ll be automatically placed into the full sequence of messages – unless, you have the NEW sequence of messages switched OFF in your Practice Settings.

What’s the Lead Profile Page?

Every lead in DenGro has a Profile Page which is where DenGro stores and displays all of the information it has about that lead – any details submitted through the online form, any notes the practices users have added, any tasks completed, reminders set-up – EVERYTHING.

There are three ways to access the Lead Profile Page:

1. Search
You can search for a lead by clicking on the Search button at the top right of the DenGro screen. Use their name, email address, or phone number to search for the lead, then click on their name tab to go through to their profile page.

Search for a lead in DenGro

2. Add
When adding a lead in DenGro, as you type the name of the lead into the box, DenGro does a search of the account to see if there’s already a lead with those details – if there is, you can click on the name tab to go through to their Profile Page.

3. View Lead
On the task for the lead, you’ll see a View Lead button. Click here to go to the Lead’s Profile Page.

View Lead button on DenGro task