Published: 07/09/2021

Read time: 1 Minute

How To Use Filters

In this video you will be shown how to use the filters within DenGro. Using filters will allow you to get to the specific information you are looking for easily without having to scroll through hundreds potentially thousands of leads. Saving regularly used filters can save you time from having to enter the guidelines every time you use the search. Please watch the video for more information.

“Use our filters function which is found on several pages in the DenGro app so you can drill down to the specific information you need. On the today page, click on edit filters and you’ll be presented with five options to help pin point your search. Treatment, status, channel, affiliate and user. Under Contacts you can also filter your view of leads, enquiries and referral to save you scrolling through 00s or even 000s of profiles. For example you might want to look at the number of leads created for a specific treatment during a certain period of time that originated from a specific marketing channel If you find yourself using the same filters to access specific information on a regular basis, please do save that search. Just give it a name and it will appear in the saved filters dropdown for next time. Don’t forget that from the edit filters on the lead page you can also export your leads for further analysis or perhaps for retargeting inactive leads, for example if you’re running a promotion for a specific treatment.”