Published: 25/07/2022

Read time: 1 Minute

If you are unable to get hold of a lead after several attempts or a lead no longer is interested in treatment you can mark it as ‘inactive’. This should be the preferred route instead of deleting a lead as making a lead inactive still allow you to search for them in the app and reactivate them if they change their mind in future or get in touch about another treatment.

To make a lead inactive, first select the lead task you wish to make inactive and DenGro will ask did you try to contact this lead. Click ‘yes’ and under outcome select not proceeding with treatment. DenGro will ask why not, it could be because you can’t get a hold of the lead in which case you would select ‘unable to contact’. Or it could be because the lead is unable to afford the treatment, so you would select ‘too expensive’. Tick the box which corresponds with how you tried to contact the lead and it might be useful to add a quick note about why this lead is no longer interested in case the lead becomes active again later on. Select ‘done’ and this lead is now inactive. It is important to note that inactive leads can still be found using the search bar.