Published: 11/02/2022

Read time: 2 Minutes

How To Export Leads

In this video you will be shown how to export your leads from your DenGro account to a .CSV file for further analysis. When exporting you can select specific fields you wish to export to really define your search.

Here is how you can export leads out of DenGro:
Go to ‘Contacts’ in the menu bar and select ‘Leads’ from the drop down menu. Here you can set the filters based on what leads you want to export, such as the treatments the lead is interested in, date range, and status. Click the ‘Edit Filters’ button and select the options based on what you want to know. You can search for individual or multiple treatments or set to ‘All’ to see every treatment. By default we go back 30 days but again you can adjust this as needed. If you wish to learn more about the filters, we do have a video explaining how to use them as well. Once your filters are set, click ‘Apply filters’ and it will load all of the Leads which are applicable. To export these leads out select the ‘Export’ button. A pop up will appear explaining how the file will contain personal data which needs to be acknowledged .You can customise the export even further to include attribution, marketing consent and why leads didn’t proceed. Once you have selected the relevant additional filters, click export and that will download a csv file to your computer for you to analyse even further.