Published: 11/01/2022

Read time: 1 Minutes

How To Add & Remove Users

In this video you will be shown how to add or remove users from your DenGro account.  Whether they are a TCO or receptionist and use it day to day or maybe they are your marketing team wanting to analyse their campaigns,we have different roles to fit the needs of the user so they are given the information they need.

To add users to DenGro you need to have a Manager role.
Hover over the cog icon at the top of your screen and select practice users. Select ‘‘add practice user’, and enter  the user’s email address. Make sure for reporting and feedback purposes you use 1 email address per user. Add in the name and contact details for the user and assign them their role. The User role is for people who will be actioning leads and tasks on the Today page. Analysts have access to the reports section. The Integrator role manages account integration within DenGro. Practitioners will be able to receive appointments through the DenGro app. And editor allows them to edit the messages DenGro sends and create their own. You can have multiple roles for a user if needed. Once all the fields have been completed, hit save and that user will be created. They will receive an email to create their own password and can then log in.