Published: 19/07/2021

Read time: 2 Minutes

How to add a treatment

In this video you will be shown how to add a treatment to a lead in DenGro.

When a lead enters DenGro the treatment they are interested in will be predefined based on what they have selected via an online form or told you via a call or face to face chat. However, they don’t always choose the right treatment and they may need to be moved onto another treatment journey.

A lead may also be interested in multiple treatments at the same time and both journeys need to be nurtured to an outcome.

Watch this short video to see how to move a lead to the right treatment as well as adding in additional ones.

“Adding a treatment to a lead might mean that the lead has decided to opt for a different treatment or that they are on more than one treatment journey. First select the lead you wish to add the treatment too and click ‘view lead’. In this example, Jason is on track for the Invisalign treatment, but he wishes to change it to the clear aligners. First we remove their current treatment by selecting ‘not proceeding with treatment’. DenGro will ask why they aren’t proceeding and in this case you select ‘opted for different treatment’, and click done. Now it’s time to add the new treatment to the lead. Click ‘add treatment’, and find the new treatment in the drop down menu. Once you select your new treatment, DenGro will make sure the correct journey is also selected and click ‘next’. DenGro will then ask you the regular sequence of questions it asks when adding a new lead. Follow the prompts, and select done. You have now successfully added a new treatment to the lead.”