Published: 27/03/2022

Read time: 5 minutes

What’s the difference between a Lead and an Enquiry?

In DenGro, a Lead is a prospective patient enquiry – someone who is interested in joining the practice as a new patient or starting a new treatment at the practice.

An Enquiry refers to any general enquiry that someone submits to the practice. Enquiries tend to come from ‘Contact Us’ forms on the site and can be general requests from existing patients, questions about practice opening hours, or even someone asking about a new treatment – it’s a collection point for any type of form submission.

How do I receive an Enquiry in DenGro?

An Enquiry is received from an online form – for example, the Contact Us form on your practice website.

How do I connect my online enquiry forms to DenGro?

To connect an online enquiry form to DenGro please review our form connection options below:

How to connect an online form to DenGro with Zapier

Connect your online forms with a DenGro capture hook

How to build a form with the DenGro form builder

Please contact, or open a chat window in the bottom right-hand corner when on the DenGro app.

How do I manage enquiries in DenGro?

When a new Enquiry is received in DenGro a task will appear on your Today page, under the heading of Enquiries.

Click on the task to open up the details of the Enquiry and review the message that was submitted. DenGro will then ask “Would you like to create a new lead from this enquiry”.

Enquiry details in DenGro

If the Enquiry is from someone who would like to learn more about a new treatment, then select YES and follow the prompts to record the enquiry as a New Lead for the treatment that they’re asking about. This will add them to DenGro as a New Lead and create a Lead task for them that will appear up the page. You can then track and manage this lead in DenGro and report on them as a prospective patient for that treatment.

If the Enquiry is more general, perhaps an existing patient asking if they’ve left their umbrella at the practice, simply select NO to the question and mark the enquiry as read. You can then contact the patient to confirm where the umbrella is and move on to the next task on the list.

Can I see a full list of all the Enquiries I’ve received?

Yes! To view all the enquiries that you’ve received – which haven’t been deleted – simply go to Contacts and select Enquiries.

Click on each Enquiry tab to view the Enquiry Profile Page. You can also access this page by clicking on the View Enquiry button on the Enquiry task.

Enquiry contact page DenGro

What happens when I DELETE an Enquiry?

When you choose to DELETE an Enquiry, DenGro will permanently remove all the data of that enquiry from your account.

Please note, we are unable to retrieve that information once it has been deleted.

Can I see a report of all the Enquiries I’ve received?

At the top of the main Enquiry page (under Contacts) you can view your Enquiry stats – the number of Enquiries currently in your account, the number of Enquiries that have been marked as Read, and the number of enquiries that were converted into Leads.

DenGro doesn’t currently have a date filter for Enquiry reports, but it’s on our to-do list.

Can I search for Enquiries?

No, currently, the Search function is only relevant to Leads.