Published: 22/05/2022

Read time: 5 minutes

What’s an appointment request?

An appointment request is a type of new lead task that appears on the Today page to encourage users to confirm appointments booked through an online calendar that’s connected to DenGro.

Appointment requests DenGro

How do I connect up my online booking calendar?

DenGro can connect to a number of online booking calendar tools – such as Acuity, Appointmentor, and Calendly – using a Zapier web hook integration. You can connect your calendar to DenGro easily, by following our instructions here.

What happens when a lead books an appointment through a connected calendar?

When a lead books an appointment through an online calendar that’s connected to DenGro, the details of that lead and their booking are sent to DenGro to create an Appointment Requested task on the practice’s Today page.

This task asks the user to confirm what they want to do with the new appointment request:

1. Create a new lead

2. Link appointment request to an existing lead

3. Ignore the appointment request

What would you like to do? DenGro

Why am I asked if I’ve confirmed the appointment details?

One of the questions in the task flow asks if the user has confirmed the appointment details – this is to match different processes that a practice may have in place. If a requested appointment time isn’t available any more, then DenGro gives you the option to record this.

If you haven’t been able to confirm the appointment details you may wish to call the lead there and then, or set a reminder to try and follow-up with them at a later date.

Have you confirmed the lead appointment request? DenGro

How do I know what treatment the lead is interested in?

Depending on how the form and calendar are set-up, you can capture a preferred treatment interest from the lead and have it displayed on the Summary panel of the task. If no treatment has been captured, you may wish to call the lead first to discuss their interest – or you can add them in for General Dentistry treatments and update their preference at a later date.

Through the task flow, you’ll also be asked to confirm the treatment before completing the task – this allows you to change the lead’s treatment, if relevant, and ensure that the lead receives the correct messaging sequence.

Which treatment are they interested in? DenGro

How do I link the request to an existing lead in DenGro?

If you’d like to link the appointment request to an existing lead’s profile in DenGro, you can select that option from the drop-down menu on the Summary panel on the task. You can then search for the relevant lead using their name, email address, or phone number. Any leads that match the search will be displayed for you to select from.

Once you’ve selected the relevant lead, DenGro will ask if you’d like to link the appointment to an existing treatment on their profile or if you’d like to add a new treatment interest.

Select the treatment DenGro

Do you have a video I can watch?

Yes! You can view a recording of the different task options and flows below: