Published: 16/05/2022

Read time: 2 Minutes


Kunal Thakker



Practice name:

Tooth Club


Essex and South Coast

Practice type:


Number of staff:


How long have you been using DenGro?

3 years.

What were your motivations for using DenGro?

Initially we were referred to DenGro by a marketing group and soon found that it solved our concerns about a lack of adequate tracking of all enquiries.

How did the practice manage your leads before using DenGro?

Previously, we used a combination of spreadsheets and emails to track, manage, and record leads.

How has DenGro changed practice life for you?

DenGro has completely transformed our enquiry management system and the processes we have in place, in each practice, to understand how many leads we’re getting, where they came from and how we’re working as a team to convert them in to patients.

Are you converting more leads with DenGro than you were previously?


As a manager, what do you like most about DenGro?

The easy, quick-view reporting helps me keep on top of how we’re doing as a business, and the daily task reminders help my team stay focused.

What would you say to a practice who was thinking of using DenGro?

Don’t think twice! Do it!

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