Published: 27/05/2022

Read time: 5 minutes


Connecting DenGro to Zapier is one way of connecting forms, and you don’t need to know any HTML or CSS to get going.

If you’d prefer to connect your website’s forms with DenGro’s code snippet (if you have some knowledge of CSS and HTML, you’ll be fine) then take a look at our DenGro Form Builder.
If the form you wan to connect up to DenGro is to be used to capture just one treatment you can also use DenGro Capture Hook.

Getting Started

  • An account and a login for Zapier, plus a little understanding of how it works.
  • A Manager role in DenGro.
  • Access to any other services you want to integrate with Zapier.
  • An existing form on your website. This may be a form on your Contact Us page, for example with fields for Name, Address, Telephone, Email and Message

How to find DenGro in Zapier

  • Currently, the DenGro Zapier app is available by invite only, to get started you’ll need to head to the Practice Integrations page under the Settings tab and scroll down to the Zapier pod.
  • Click Integrate Zapier
  • A new page will load and you need to click Accept invite and build a Zap.
  • The DenGro app should now be a visible app to connect to in Zapier.

How to create a DenGro Zap

Zapier can connect your enquiry details, lead submissions and referrals to DenGro. To do this you’ll need to Make a Zap in Zapier and set up your Triggers and Actions.

What’s a Zap?

A Zap is something that performs your automations for you using Zapier. So, a DenGro Zap is something that links your Contact Us form (for example) to DenGro, so that the enquiry is zapped straight onto your DenGro Dashboard.

How to set up a Trigger

Your Trigger is your website, the part you want to connect to DenGro. For this, we’ll be using the website platform, SquareSpace as an example.

  • Log in to Zapier.
  • Go to Make a Zap in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Choose your Trigger app. We’ll choose the website app SquareSpace here.
  • New Form submission will be checked. Click Save and Continue.
  • Zapier will now ask to connect SquareSpace and Zapier. Click Save and Continue. You’ll then be given the option to choose a form from the ones set up on your website. Choose your form and click Continue.
  • Zapier will show you: Things to Double-Check. Click Fetch and Continue and you should get a message saying Test Successful.
  • Click Continue to complete Trigger set up.

How to set up an action

Now that you have a Trigger, you’ll need to create an Action with DenGro. The combination of a Trigger and an Action makes a Zap happen.

  • Choose an Action App: select the DenGro app. You can search for this by typing in the box.
  • Create an Action. Choose one of the following options: Create Enquiry, Create Referral, Create Lead. Click Continue.
  • Connect your DenGro account.
  • Zapier will then ask to authorise your DenGro account. Click Authorise. Once you have authorised DenGro, Zapier will have access to the Group and / or Practice information associated with your DenGro login.
  • Choose your account from the list. Click Continue.
  • Form Set Up will show relevant fields. Under Token, select your practice. Then, select your Affiliate. This could be a wider group that you would like to associate the form with, or you can choose your practice.
  • Lead forms will have a treatment field. In the same way, choose your treatment.
  • Then use the icon on the right-hand side of each field bar to map it to the existing fields on your website form. These will show in a drop-down menu. For example, in the Email Address box, select the drop-down menu and choose Email Address from your existing form choices. This step ensures that the details match up when they come into DenGro.
  • When you have filled all your chosen fields, click Continue.
  • You will see a form summary, and have the option to test it out. To test, click Send Test to DenGro. (You can skip this step by clicking Skip Test.) Your test will come through to DenGro as your form type: Enquiry, Lead or Referral.
  • Click Finish to complete your Zap.

How to add more actions

You can customise your Zap further by adding more actions.

  • Click Add a Step underneath the previous action.
  • From the list of apps select your preferred app. For example, you can connect Mailchimp to connect your form with a particular campaign. Or connect to Google Sheets to update a specific spreadsheet with details connected to the form.
  • There’s also the option here to add consent for marketing submission.
  • You can delete and rename actions using the options tab (three dots) in the right-hand corner of the action box.

We highly recommend adding Consent Capture as a field in your Zap, in order to stay GDPR compliant. As of the 25th May 2018, all leads captured via DenGro can record and display consent text, for future reference and audits.