Published: 27/04/2022

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Is the Sequence Status different from the Lead Status?

Yes! As we know, each lead moves through a set number of status points as it travels through the conversion journey from initial enquiry to starting treatment.

The statuses assigned to DenGro’s automated messaging sequences, and the messages within those sequences, are different and refer only to the messaging sequences – not the lead’s status.

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What does the Sequence Status mean?

Each messaging sequence available in DenGro – for both Default and Custom sequences – can be either ACTIVE or PAUSED.

If a sequence is ACTIVE, this means that it’s live and leads received for the treatment(s) associated with the sequence, will receive that specific sequence of messages.

If a sequence is PAUSED, this means that it’s not live and will not be sent to leads for any associated treatments.

You can view the status of each journey on the Sequence Details page, after clicking to View the sequence from the Practice Messages page. For Editor users with access to edit and create new messaging sequences, you can change the status of a sequence by using the toggle button on the Sequence Details page.

And individual messages within a sequence can have a status too?

Exactly. Each individual message within a sequence will be either ACTIVE or PAUSED.

For practices with access to edit and create new sequences, you can choose to ACTIVATE or PAUSE individual messages within the sequence, by using the toggle button.

When a message is ACTIVE, it means that the message will be sent to leads as part of the set sequence and depending on the deployment schedule set by an Editor user.

If the message is PAUSED, it means that the message will not be sent to leads as part of that sequence. It also means that the message will not be displayed to users in the task flow.

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Do I need to publish the changes I’ve made to the message status?

As an Editor user with access to edit the messaging sequences, any changes or amends you make to an individual message in a custom sequence will need to be Published in order to set them live for new leads.

If you have any unpublished changes in a sequence, a purple banner will appear on the Sequence Details page to notify you with a button for you to Publish Changes.

When Activating or Pausing a message in the sequence, however, you do not need to Publish these changes. Changes to the status of a message and the deployment schedule for a message are updated immediately.

DenGro Sequence points

All messages at NEW status are switched ON in my custom sequence, but they’re still not being sent to leads – why?

Best to check your global practice settings on the Practice Details page. Here, you can choose to switch off all messages, across all sequences for a specific status point.

For example, you may not want any leads to receive the Appointment Booked set of messages because your practice management system already sends these confirmation and reminder messages. As such, you can switch off this status, across the practice, as a global setting.

To switch ON/OFF messages sent at each status point in the journey, you’ll need to be a Manager level user and use the toggle buttons on the Practice Details page to set your preference. Then, hit Save at the bottom of the page to update.

Please note, this feature is available to both Growth and Pro plan practices.

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