Published: 27/04/2022

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How does DenGro know which sequence of messages to send to each lead?

With so many messaging sequences available in DenGro – both custom and default ones – there are a lot of factors and variables which will help DenGro determine which particular sequence is right for each lead.

1. Treatment

Every lead that enters DenGro must have a treatment assigned to them to help with reporting and communication. The treatment that is associated with the lead, can help DenGro determine which sequence of messages to send to the lead.

Each treatment in DenGro can have a journey associated with it. Multiple treatments can be associated with the same journey, if relevant, but a treatment can not be assigned to more than one journey at a time.

If a treatment does not have a journey assigned to it, DenGro will look at the treatment hierarchy and will send the next parent journey to that lead.

For example, if no journey is assigned to Invisalign treatment, then DenGro will send the parent journey for Orthodontics. If there’s no journey for Orthodontics, then DenGro will send the next parent journey for Dental treatment.

Find out more about DenGro’s treatment hierarchy, here.

2. Lead Status

Where a lead is in their decision-making journey will impact which messages in that treatment’s journey, a lead will receive.

A different set of messages can be sent at each status point in the lead’s journey, to ensure that they receive messaging and support that’s relevant to what they’re experiencing in the practice, at that point in time.

For example, when a lead is brand new, they should receive a sequence that’s more information with a call to action to book in for the initial consultation or appointment. Then, once they’ve attended, they can receive details about finance options and a call to action to call the practice with questions or if they’re ready to take the next step.

3. Journey and message status

For users on the Pro Plan with access to edit and create their own automations, you can choose to switch ON or OFF a particular message within a sequence, as well as activate or pause a custom sequence.

Sequence Status

Custom sequences have 2 statuses: Active and Paused. If a journey is Active, this means that it’s live and leads received for the associated treatment(s), will receive that specific journey. If a journey is Paused, this means that it’s not live and will not be sent to leads for any associated treatments.

Message Status

Individual messages within a custom sequence have 2 statuses: Active and Paused. If the message is Active, it will be sent to leads for the associated treatment(s), as part of that sequence.If the message is Paused, it will not be sent to leads for the associated treatment(s).

If you don’t want to send a specific message within a sequence, you can switch them OFF using the toggle on the Sequence Detail page. Once switched OFF, no new leads added to that sequence will receive that specific message.

Find out more about sequence statuses and what that means, here.

Practice Settings

Practices can choose to switch OFF all messages at different status points in the lead journey, from the Practice Details page.

This change is a global setting, allowing practices to define whether or not messages are available to send to leads at different points in the journey.

For example, if you never want to send any of the Appointment Booked confirmation and reminder messages to any of your leads, you can switch off that status point and ensure that no messages are ever sent.

Please note, you’ll need to be a Manager level user to access the Practice Details page.

4. Groups

If your practice is part of a Group or Network of practices, you may also have access to a Group journey.

A Group can create a journey that can be sent to leads who have been generated specifically by the Group’s marketing activity or through the Group’s websites/landing pages. The journey will still be treatment-specific but can be designed to match the Group’s marketing message and Group’s branding.

The Group journeys are triggered by a Campaign or Group ID on the web forms that the lead submits their details through.

Group messages can only be edited by Group users and can not be changed or amended by Editor users in the practice account.

5. Overrides

DenGro’s message sequence assignment logic can also influence which sequence and message a lead is sent.

This logic looks at all the factors listed above and determines, based on their set priority, which relevant messaging journey a lead should receive.

Default Sequences

All practices, no matter what payment plan you’re on, all practices have access to the Default sequences of messages created and managed by the DenGro team.

For practices with custom sequences, the default sequences will remain active and work as fallbacks – or back-ups – should a lead be received for a treatment that hasn’t got an associated custom journey available. So, no matter what, your lead will receive contact from you and be kept warm while your team works to get in touch with them.